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April 22, 2015 / politicsbitesize

Taxation or privatisation: which one gets your vote?

TaxDuring the last five years the Coalition Government have reduced the tax bracket for the highest earners from 50p to 45p and taken three million of the lowest paid out of tax altogether by increasing the personal allowance to £10,600. Aside from putting more money into your pocket, what this measure does is reduce the amount of money going into Treasury coffers. The Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) has certified that if tax revenues continue to fall, the impact on the Exchequer by 2020 will be -£1.68bn.   This statistic begs the question: without tax revenues how can a government run public services? Simple answer: privatisation. If the government cannot afford to pay for doctors, nurses, the police and teachers then the responsibility will fall to the private profit-making sector.

So when the election rhetoric turns to demonising the political parties that want to raise taxes, please bear in mind what we pay them for.   Without tax receipts there would be no funding for our education system, the NHS, the police force, the fire brigade, our ambulance personnel or the military. Publicly funding our vital services is essential to a healthy civil society and keeping private companies out of them is mandatory if we want to continue to have universal access. Tax is not a dirty word; it is a fundamental part of a democratic and equal society.

For a useful overview of the taxation policies of each of the main political parties see The Telegraph’s coverage of the forthcoming General Election:


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