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June 28, 2013 / politicsbitesize

A successful Saturday

PeoplesAssemblyThe People’s Assembly was a huge success on Saturday.  It is now calling for a mass protest at the Tory Party conference in Manchester on 29 Sep, a day of civil disobedience on 5th November and Local People’s Assemblies to start forming in every town and city.

The draft statement that has been drawn up forms the basis of the ‘proposed declaration and action plan of the People’s Assembly’.

‘The declaration represents the beginning of a democratic process leading towards a second People’s Assembly in early 2014. This declaration represents the views of all those who initially called for the People’s Assembly. We hope it will be endorsed by the People’s Assembly on 22nd June. It will then be open to the local People’s Assemblies, union bodies and campaign groups who support the People’s Assembly to suggest amendments, additions, or deletions. These will then all be discussed and decided upon at the recall People’s Assembly in 2014.

The plans for action are simply the most obvious rallying points for a national anti-cuts movement for the remainder of 2013. They are not intended to supersede local or sectional action by existing campaigns or trade unions.’

To read ALL of the statement go to:


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