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November 20, 2011 / politicsbitesize

Occupy this Blog

Image of protestors at Occupy Wall Street

Image of Occupy Wall Street taken by david_shankbone on flickr

New York, London, Milan … err … Los Angeles and Athens?! No, I haven’t got my fashion centres of the world all mixed up because this is a list of a few of the countries where forceful protests flared up in the wake of the peaceful ‘Occupy’ sit-ins. At 1am on Tuesday 15th November 2011, the New York Police Department began the eviction of the Occupy Wall Street contingent of this worldwide movement from Zuccotti Park. After nearly two months of campaigning in the tree-lined plaza in Lower Manhattan the encampment has been cleared, however the message and the demonstrations have continued.

By Thurdsay 17th a growing number of protestors from the evicted camp in New York began a campaign to take over the streets surrounding the Stock Exchange in Manhattan. Violence broke out as the NYPD tried to quell the march and numerous arrests have been made, but the battle continued and in the morning rush hour hundreds gathered in the financial district of Los Angeles. Many more cities throughout the US joined in with the call to action against the banking system.

In Athens fire bombs and tear gas were used against the 50,000 or so protestors objecting to the austerity measures forced in by other EU countries to protect the fragile Greek economy, whilst in Italy, protestors against the economic plan proposed by the new Prime Minister, Mario Monti, clashed with police in Milan, Rome, Palermo and Bari.

Violence and rioting hasn’t spread to those occupying the space outside St Paul’s Cathedral, London. The eviction notice, issued by the Corporation of London, was greeted with a stoical resolve by the ‘Occupy’ demonstrators who remain where they are. A call to join the passing of the 6pm eviction deadline was issued on the website where it stated that their barrister, John Cooper QC, would ‘explain the legal significance’ of the ‘notice to leave’.

The ‘Occupy’ movement that began in New York on the 15th October has captured the imagination and the motivation of all those who feel that the economic imbalance of the haves and the have-nots needs to be addressed. The large-scale nature of these protests against the bankers/capitalism/greed/wealth proves there is a need, and a desire, to change the way society operates. It is by scouring the pages of both mainstream newspapers and websites dedicated to the advancement of change in society that this blog will bring together information and provide a space for discussion. The desire of the author is to present the issues in one place for those who may not have the time to join in on an everyday basis with the issues highlighted by the global phenomenon that is the 99%.


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